caleb and emily: a dayton, ohio desert-inspired engagement session

caleb and emily, dear friends of ours.

i seem to recall a certain chat from about five years ago, in which emily said to me, "i'm never getting married."


three years later, enter caleb. blonde, easygoing, loyal, and smitten. from that moment on, it was the beginning and the end of everything. they're two halves of the same whole, dedicated and adventuresome. they're stronger together, yet intensely respecting of each other's individual strengths. they're equals. partners. best friends. a relationship so fierce, it inspires everyone around them.

we got up early one crisp november morning, making our way to one of my favorite lesser-known locations: a desert-like abandoned quarry in the heart of midwest ohio. these photos show their closeness, their dedication, their playfulness, and their admiration for one another.

love alone is worth the fight.