cincinnati ohio senior portrait photography

tessa // fort wayne indiana senior photography

i'd just like to say that this girl was so worth photographing that i broke my brand new lens for her. that's saying something.

tessa, you're lovely, and your future is yours to take and run away with :) it was such a pleasure to spend my evening with you, and i wish you all the best in the years to come. i know you're gonna do great things. go get 'em, tiger.

grayson // dayton, ohio senior portrait photography

this kid is basically my brother.  and he's awesome. he's crazy talented in every sport there is, and he's going to be famous someday. i'm sure of it.

oh and make sure when you're setting off smoke bombs, you're doing it away from where police patrol. they get suspicious. unless of course, you're friends with the policeman on patrol. then everything works out.

p.p.s: don't leave your car lights on for too long while you set off said smoke bombs. car batteries don't last that long.