matthew + kenzie // columbus ohio wedding photography

i hope you find someone who is brave enough to enter your storm, and respects you enough to love the size of your waves.

i hope you find someone who will relish the calm you can have, and who is eager to set sail on the expanse of your mind.

i hope you find someone that can’t escape the love they have for you, because now they have you in their very blood, always reminding them that

you are the only sea worth exploring.

-t.b. laberge [unwritten letters to you]

sierra // cincinnati ohio senior portrait photography

she always has kind words on her tongue and laughter in her eyes.  her heart is gold and her lips are always red.  she's classy, yet adventurous and unafraid.  her heart is full of emotion and she wears it on her sleeve, yet she thinks deeply.  the kind of deep that is often suffocated by fear.  she is fearless.  generous. she gives life to those around her, and i dare you to look at these photos and not hear her laughter and feel her joy. 

sierra, you are treasured and valued by so many, but especially by me.  thank you for your sweet, enriching friendship.

chip + melissa // ohio wedding photography

if i was being forced to describe this couple in one word, it would be patient.  they've been together for the better part of a decade, and they were so deserving of this beautiful day at snow hill country club.

their day was full of unabashed joy and happiness, just like them. 

enjoy :)