a phoenix, arizona couples' boudoir portrait session with amanda and patrick.

i hardly ever write for blog posts. but this one needs an explanation.

patrick and amanda were strangers. they had never met, never knew the other existed before agreeing to do this shoot. and yet, here in these photographs you see a connection.

there is beauty in




and it's an fascinating thing.

photographing patrick and amanda reminded me of a youtube video i saw a couple years ago. in this video (embedded below) the producers selected a bunch of strangers, brought two at a time in front of a rolling camera to meet...and then make out. it was mesmerizing.

watching the warmth of their embraces brought me to tears. 

when everything is stripped away...race, physical attributes, politics, history, beliefs...the richness of the human connection still remains.

the internal need to both feel loved and give love is enough.