jake and krysti: an engagement session with friends in hocking hills, ohio

couples, don't be afraid to do you.

jake and krysti emailed me, asking if they could do a little weekend retreat with their bridal party instead of a typical engagement session. um, yes please.

i spent the afternoon with jake, krysti, and their closest friends eating a brunch in the hocking hills cabin they'd rented, telling stories around the campfire, and hiking through the most beautiful scenery ohio has to offer. 

don't be afraid to do you.

the current photography trend tells you that your best option is to get dressed up in flowy dresses and hike mountains, wearing a handmade crown and a black wide-brimmed hat. if that's you, then do it. 100%. (i wouldn't say no!) but if you'd rather document a morning cuddled up at home with your lover, by all means...do. if you'd rather document a weekend spent with your closest friends, do. if you'd rather not do any photos at all,

don't be afraid to do you.