a dayton, ohio nude portrait session with emma at sunset in water. NSFW.


a beautiful, tastefully artistic nude portrait session with model EMMA, more commonly known as ANOUSHANOU. Captured on a lake in the midwest at sunset, these editorial portraits will pull at nostalgia and make you wish you spent all your evenings on the water. 

i could not contain myself any longer
i ran to the ocean
in the middle of the night
and confessed my love for you to the water
as i finished telling her
the salt in her body became sugar
— rupi kaur

sarah rose is a worldwide portrait, editorial, and intimate wedding photographer based in dayton, ohio. she often shoots in columbus, ohio, and cincinnati ohio, creating imagery full of emotion and feeling. whether those photographs are of a single face or of many, her process remains the same: cultivate a personal connection with her subjects so that the images created are both real and vulnerable.